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  Oleh Kandyba-Olzhych (1907-1944) Poet, Patriot, Martyr

     O. Olzhych (1907-1944) archeologist, poet and nationalist leader was the son of Ukrainian poet Oleksander Oles.

     Born in Zhytomyr, July 8, 1907, he left Ukraine in 1923 to study archeology in Prague and later lectured at Harvard University. He was also a poet and wrote nationalist poems stressing the right of Ukraine to be free.

     An ardent advocate of Ukrainian independence, Olzhych headed the cultural and educational branch of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists. He served as second in command to Andriy Melnyk and represented the OUN leadership in Carpatho-Ukraine in 1938-1939. In 1941, he took part in forming the Ukrainian National Council in Kyiv.

    Until his arrest and execution by the Gestapo at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp in 1944, he directed underground activities in Ukraine.

     In honor of his dedication to Ukraine, the year 1994 was proclaimed the Year of Olzhych in Ukraine and beyond its borders.

     Founded in 1957, the Ukrainian Homestead was dedicated to the memory of O. Olzhych as a living tribute to his life as a hero of Ukraine. His monument is situated on the Homestead grounds.





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